12 steps to a plastic free home

Go Plastic Free Challenge

This course is for you, if you decided you want to take action.

If you want to learn more.

If you want to make new friends and support others on this journey.

A journey to a sustainable lifestyle. Slowly. One step at a time.

Let’s put it this way: we do it for our kids! You should do it for your kids, or animals, or plants, or fish , or the air you breath.... yes all of the above are very concerned and affected...

So you realise that Single Use Plastics are a problem that won’t go away.

You probably know that microplastics cover the entire planet from the Arctic to Mount Everest.

That plastics are filled with toxins which can disrupt hormonal behaviour, cause cancer, and mess with the brain. You might even realise that recycling plastics is an utopian dream that concerns a small fraction of items, requires new plastics, and comes out as a degraded result.

And most importantly you probably already know that the new plastic production is increasing madly - every single year.

Misguided, uninformed, or just busy, we feel overwhelmed and we do our best.

But there's a salty price to be paid for this practical lifestyle we are living and our own children will have to pick up the bill.

Here at The World is Home we claim to have "THE SOLUTION TO THE PLASTIC POLLUTION”!

We say: stop polluting !

What can I do?
Sign up to the GO PLASTIC FREE CHALLENGE today, and spend a year with us learning all you need to know to have a plastic free home.

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And we don’t mean it didn’t cost us anything, but that's the way one small human fights against trillion dollar industries who don't seize to reinvent the fake actions and keep us all snoozed.

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