By joining us you become a member of an international organisation uniting people from across the globe feeling too small to tackle the Plastic Problem alone.

And just like that, we’re are not alone anymore.


Can I join as a business?

If you have a Good Company – providing plastic free solutions- we wish to enhance you! Write us about your products/services and we’ll get in touch.

If you have a company that struggles with getting rid of plastics, but you wish to learn and make changes instead of Greenwashing – we’re here to help!

Questions about the Membership?

By all means! You can support our projects by one-off or recurring contributions.
Have a talent you wish to share? Check out our current needs and join us as a Volunteer.

*For donations over 40 euro, reach out to us about tax deductions.

By becoming a member of twish, you are adding a voice to our cause.
As a member, you are making a statement against the Single Use Plastic makers like: the oil&gas industry, the plastic packaging industry, the chemical industry, but also the consumer goods corporations who use toxic, throw-away plastics under false pretexts like: hygiene, safety, biodegradability, even circularity.

You speak up against a lobby which has been going on for the past 50 years, hiding the truth from the public, pledging false voluntary actions like pick-ups, and solutions like plastic recycling.
Shifting the responsibility and cost of plastic waste onto us.
With your voice we are able to speak louder, to get heard where alone no-one would pay attention to us. Together we can make a difference, because together-we count!

You will join our family. A cool community that shares fun ways to live without plastics. You will get access to recipes, new diy projects, workshops, get invited to members only webinars and courses, giveaways and competitions!
And hopefully you will be able to make friends and learn new (or old) ways of living: the more sustainable way.